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A Little Lift... For Ladies Who Lift

The fitness industry is naturally one that is very body conscious, but the bodybuilding industry is even more so. If you’re bodybuilding and competing, all eyes are on you. After all of your hard work toning and sculpting your body to be the very best that it can be, you may still find that you are not satisfied with one area that can’t really be shaped through hard work: your breasts. Some bodybuilders find that their breasts are asymmetrical, while others simply want to enhance what they already have. Both have the same goals: to increase confidence and pride in their figure, and to be competitive in their chosen sport.

The perfect first step in this process is a consultation with Dr. Meadows to discuss breast augmentation.

An important part of this preoperative consultation with Dr. Meadows includes a determination of the desired breast size and shape. Although many different breast contours can be achieved, a decision must be made that coincides with total body size, shape and the existing breast tissue. Placing an implant under the muscle usually results in softer and more natural looking breasts both standing and lying down, and decreases the possibility of unnaturally firm and painful breasts while also improving the reliability of mammograms. If you already have more natural breast tissue, implants placed over the muscle will look natural, and involve a faster and less painful recovery.

In the Southeast, Dr. Meadows has become a bit of a celebrity in the bodybuilding community, having done many breast augmentations for bodybuilders with outstanding results. Ladies who lift have traveled hundreds of miles to see a surgeon who understand their particular needs and concerns, and most importantly, is able to give them the results they want, both on the stage and off. They have been thrilled with their results!

If you would like to schedule a free personal consultation with Dr. Meadows, please call (706) 335-3555 or (678) 541-0339 to book an appointment.ScheduleScheduleSchedule

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