August Specials

August Specials | Meadows Surgical Store | Meadows Surgical Arts

Summer. It's been great! Kids home from school, vacations, staycations, girls nights out, trips of a lifetime... we know you've been having a great time! For many of us, though, summer is winding down and it's time to refocus on our own personal goals. It's time to recuperate and refresh, to reverse the effects of extended time in the sun, late summer nights, and maybe an ice cream cone too many.

Dr. Meadows is pleased to offer the following specials for the month of August:


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Liposuction will give you a smoother, slimmer silhouette on your neck/chin, arms, abdomen/flanks, inner thighs, and/or outer thighs, or consider Dr. Meadows’ newest surgical procedure offered: Lipo 360, which includes abdomen, flanks, upper back, and lower back. Your results will be fabulous!

Surgical liposuction current prices are as follows:

Want to make it interesting? You could use the fat taken from one of those areas, and transfer it somewhere else. We're in the business of bringing booty ba