2019 Surgical Hope Foundation Scholarship Winner (GCA) - Calvin Scott

Congratulations to Calvin Scott, one of three recipients of the 2019 Meadows Surgical Arts Surgical Hope Foundation Scholarship for Georgia-Cumberland Academy!

The Surgical Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides outpatient surgical services at no cost to those in need. Founded by Dr. Lionel Meadows and his wife, Kathryn Meadows, RN, BSN, the Surgical Hope Foundation gives many patients the opportunity to fulfill their medical needs without the added burden of finances.

Each year, through the Surgical Hope Foundation, Dr. & Mrs. Meadows offer a scholarship to one graduating high school senior from each of four local high schools to help fund their college endeavors. Each student must complete an essay describing their aspirations and goals in pursuing a medical career. This year, scholarships were also awarded to students at Georgia-Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, GA.

Each student must complete an essay describing their aspirations and goals in pursuing a medical career. This is Mr. Scott's essay:

"Since childhood, I have been raised to abide by the principles and commandments established by God through scriptures. My parents, through their experiences, realized that the only way we as people can thrive and be content with our lives is by serving God. Therefore, they accepted and carried out their responsibility to help me understand this truth. As I matured, it became clear that serving God meant serving my fellow man and vice versa. I pursued this mission by advocating for those around me who were ostracized, respecting authoritative figures, and modeling a character that alluded to the life of Christ. 1 Peter 5:6 and Psalm 1:1-3 became a reality for me; I received numerous accolades for my character and academic achievements and realized that I was successful at whatever I decided to work for.

My passion for service has mainly been solidified by the blessings I have received throughout my time at Georgia-Cumberland Academy. My family and I heard about the school on a summer vacation in Florida. We check it out during the Academy Days and experienced a genuine embodiment of the character of Christ on campus. I loved it. On registration weekend we came with absolutely no money. Saturday, my family had met a church member at Calhoun SDA church who ended up letting me stay at her house until I was registered. My mom had to travel 5 hours back home to work the next day. The following Sunday, we went to register with no money and had to leave because we needed at least a small downpayment. We were told that we weren't going to raise the money on that day specifically. However, by Sunday night, we had found donors that totaled $2,500, enabling with the means to register. God has continued to reveal himself to me in obvious ways. I believe God led me to this school because it supports my mission and provides various opportunities for me to excel in a way that is pleasing to him. For example, because of my character, I found favor in the sight of my soccer and gymnastics coaches. They not only awarded me Most Valuable Player but also appointed me as one of the guys' soccer and gymnastics captains. In this position, I was able to inspire and guide my peers in ways to become a better leader than myself and point them to the source of my success – God. Additionally, my parents support and drive to help me reach my full scholastic potential motivated me to maintain grades that not only caused me to be acknowledged on the Principal's List every year, but also granted me access to being