2019 Surgical Hope Foundation Scholarship Winner (GCA) - Sarah Fisher

Congratulations to Sarah Fisher, one of three recipients of the 2019 Meadows Surgical Arts Surgical Hope Foundation Scholarship for Georgia-Cumberland Academy!

The Surgical Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides outpatient surgical services at no cost to those in need. Founded by Dr. Lionel Meadows and his wife, Kathryn Meadows, RN, BSN, the Surgical Hope Foundation gives many patients the opportunity to fulfill their medical needs without the added burden of finances.

Each year, through the Surgical Hope Foundation, Dr. & Mrs. Meadows offer a scholarship to one graduating high school senior from each of four local high schools to help fund their college endeavors. Each student must complete an essay describing their aspirations and goals in pursuing a medical career. This year, scholarships were also awarded to students at Georgia-Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, GA.

Each student must complete an essay describing their aspirations and goals in pursuing a medical career. This is Ms. Fisher's essay:

"It was not until my eight-grade year where I found a passion for leading others. I received the position as girls' team captain on my gymnastics team. There, I began to step out of my comfort zone and found my niche for being an example to others and being in charge of leading a group of people. It was not until my years at Georgia-Cumberland Academy where I realized my full potential. My first year in high school, I received the title class vice-president and junior year I was girls dorm representative. My positions as class officers helped me mature and learn to work with different type of people and provide for the needs of every one in our class as a whole. This year, my senior year, I got the ultimate feel of what it was like to be a true leader. I became a part of the Gordon County Youth Leadership Program, where we would learn about our counties resources and how to live up to our potential as a leader. I also became the girls' team captain for our gymnastics team along with a job working as the gymnastics worker under the team coach. My love for leading over these past few years have made me realize I want to go into a career as my own boss and own some type of practice of my own. There I could lead a group of people and have a better chance to be an example.

Growing up and having a mother involved in the medical field as a nurse practitioner, I would say that nursing is the career path I would take. My love for all babies and kids lead me to believe that a NICU nurse or working in labor and delivery would be the right path for me. For a while, I even considered the possibility of becoming a nurse practitioner. The thing that appealed to me most about this job was the fact that they see a problem and immediately fix it or start the process of fixing it. The flexibility of the job was also something that I loved, because I want a big family in the future. Although these jobs ultimately would be ideal, my queasiness around things such as deep wounds and a lot of blood made me rethink my career choice. For the longest time I had absolutely no clue what career path I would follow, but I knew I wanted something in the medical field.