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Drop the Razor and Start Thinking Laser

Drop the Razor and Start Thinking Laser | Laser Hair Removal | Meadows Surgical Arts

While most of us have unwanted hair that we would like to remove, we're often undecided on the best way to get the job done. Shaving? Time consuming... every. single. shower. Plucking? Even more time consuming... even for small areas, and no one is plucking underarm or leg hair. Waxing? Messy and painful. Creams? Messy, and with a chance of a chemical reaction on sensitive skin. Electrolysis? Ouch.

Many of us stick with shaving, simply because it's the least painful, and while time consuming overall, does not require a big time commitment for each session.

Dr. Meadows has a better solution.

Laser hair removal is perfect for any area where you have unwanted hair, except the eye area. It works by sending short pulses of laser light that disable unwanted hair follicles in seconds, with only mild discomfort. At Meadows Surgical Arts, we have the most advanced laser hair removal technology available; the laser is very powerful, yet safe in the hands of our well-trained technicians. Laser hair removal targets hairs that are currently in the growth phase, so multiple treatments are necessary to target all of the growth cycles for the area being treated.​ Most areas require between 6 and 12 comfortable treatments, depending on factors such as the hair's thickness, the area treated, and the hair's growth cycle.

Here are our top five reasons why we choose laser hair removal over any other hair removal treatment:

1. Laser hair removal saves time. Obviously, there's a time investment in coming in to Meadows Surgical Arts to have your laser hair removal treatments. But when you weigh that over a lifetime... say, over 50 years of shaving, waxing, or slathering on creams... I think you'd agree that the initial investment in laser hair removal is well worth the time. Done and done.

2. Laser hair removal saves money. Again, when you're looking at over 50 years of buying razors, shaving cream, wax, or depilatory creams... you're talking about major expenses spread out over your lifetime. By contrast, you can invest a significantly smaller amount of money now, and keep your future discretionary funds for other purchases that are way more fun and interesting.

3. Laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. Let's be honest... it is a laser. You're going to feel it. Our patients describe the feeling of the laser "zapping" the root of the hair as similar to a light, gentle snap of an elastic on the skin. Far less discomfort than electrolysis or waxing... both of which I have tried, and both make me shudder when I think about them. If your skin is very sensitive or you have a low tolerance to pain, you could opt for a numbing cream to be applied an hour before your treatment.

4. Laser hair removal is very, very precise. Laser hair removal targets one hair at a time, without any effect on the surrounding skin. That means you can be very specific about the exact area you would like treated.

5. Laser hair removal eliminates irritation and painful regrowth. No nicks from a dull razor. No razor burn. No irritation or chemical reactions. No ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, your hair is just... gone. Once a hair in its active growth phase is eliminated, it won't come back... so you don't have to deal with all the annoyances and pain that comes along with regrowth.

Problem solved.

Call one of our offices today at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford) to schedule your appointment, or purchase online (here for face, here for body)!

Laser hair removal. The only hair removal solution that saves you time and money. Drop the razor, and start thinking laser!

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