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Endless Legs

Endless Legs | Varicose Veins | Meadows Surgical Arts

Sometimes our excitement about the magic at the surgeon's hand just spills over, and we want to shout it from the rooftops: you can have gorgeous legs!

If you look at your legs and can see winding, bulging veins, your legs are telling you something: you may be suffering from venous disease, which can show up as varicose veins. They are the result of damaged veins, the valves of which are either faulty or no longer working, so the blood is not moving properly back up from the legs towards the heart. Instead, the blood pools and even reverses in those veins, causing discomfort, fatigue, and unsightly bulging of the veins. Ugh. We feel your exhaustion just thinking about it.

Varicose veins are usually found in the superficial veins of the legs, which are subject to high pressure when standing, although they can also appear elsewhere. They can be both a cosmetic issue, making you want to hide your legs and avoid wearing a bathing suit, shorts, or skirts, and a medical issue, the symptoms of which you can certainly do without.

Good news. It doesn't have to be that way! Don't accept something that is so easily fixed! You can be free of unsightly varicose veins. You can take back your life and say goodbye to the exhaustion and discomfort that comes with varicose veins. You can have the gorgeous, endless legs you want, and rock that bathing suit, shorts, skirt, or sexy little black dress!

At Meadows Surgical Arts, Dr. Meadows will perform minimally-invasive surgery on one or both of your affected legs to kick those varicose veins to the curb. The surgery involves inserting a small catheter through a single, small injection to seal the vein shut, leaving the vein in place; blood flow in that area immediately diverts to healthy veins. The defective, closed vein becomes scar tissue and is eventually absorbed by the body. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis at our surgical center in Commerce, GA. Downtime is minimal, and you can get back to your life within a day! Another effective treatment is sclerotherapy, which involves injecting medicine into the veins to make them shrink. This is a non-invasive procedure that can take as little as 10 minutes per session!

Choose those gorgeous, endless legs! Call us today at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford) to book your free consultation with Dr. Meadows, or purchase your varicose veins surgery ONLINE and combine your consultation visit with your pre-op visit.

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