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Getting It Off Your Chest

Getting It Off Your Chest | Breast Reduction | Reduction Mammoplasty | Meadows Surgical Arts

Bigger is not always better.

Imagine waking up each morning with an enormous weight holding you down by the chest. Getting out of bed makes matters better, while also making them worse: while breathing is a bit easier, now you are weighed down in front, forcing you to hunch forward, resulting in back and neck pain. The price you pay to harness that weight is significant, with deep, painful grooves in your shoulders. The weight is unavoidable; weight loss doesn't help. You may experience breathing problems and skeletal deformities as a result of that constant hunched posture. Both sleep and exercise are a challenge, while clothes shopping can be even more so. Life is largely defined by these words: matronly, lumbering, cumbersome, bulky, embarrassed.

Such is the life of a woman with large, pendulous breasts.

While our society extols the beauty and benefits of larger breasts, those who are blessed with them naturally will tell a much different tale. The discomfort goes beyond the physical. It can get downright embarrassing to try to maintain a conversation with someone who just can't stop staring. It can get confusing when friends and strangers alike say, "You're so lucky," while you struggle to stand up straight and breathe. The men you encounter love them (or so the wolf whistles suggest), while the women you encounter may question the direction of your moral compass. To others, you are not the one they describe as, "the pretty one who works at _____," or "the one who is friends with/married to _____." Unfortunately, all too often, women with large breasts are known almost exclusively for that particular physical feature.

Both physically and socially, large breasts are far more uncomfortable than people realize.

While breastfeeding, large breasts truly shine as the source of your superpower. That blessing is short-lived though, and the aftermath of childbirth and breastfeeding can leave large breasts sagging uncomfortably lower than they did before, further complicating things.

If you're one of those blessed naturally with large, pendulous breasts, or your breasts have grown and migrated downward due to weight gain/loss or pregnancy, we have one thing to say: THERE. IS. HOPE.

Dr. Meadows is pleased to offer breast reduction (technically known as reduction mammoplasty) to our clients who are looking to gain confidence and pride in their figure, and eliminate the discomfort and challenges they have endured with larger breasts.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed in our state-of-the-art surgical center in Commerce, GA, during which skin, fat, and breast tissue are removed from the breasts, leaving the patient with smaller, lighter, firmer breasts situated higher on the ribcage. Many are opting for this procedure to return to their youthful shape, while others are hoping to gain the figure they have always wanted. All are relieved to find that their pain and discomfort is gone, the unwelcome attention is no longer an issue, and clothes shopping has become a joy.

Are you ready to reclaim your life and get smaller, firmer breasts more in proportion to your body size?

Call Meadows Surgical Arts today at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford) to schedule your complimentary consultation. Less time off from life, and more time enjoying your newfound, unencumbered freedom.

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