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Periods. Gone For Good.

Periods. Gone For Good. | NovaSure | Endometrial Ablation | Meadows Surgical Arts

"Perimenopause is a breeze!"

- No One, Ever

Perimenopause. That gentle transition time between our childbearing years and those years of wisdom and strength beyond childbearing. Except that it's not so gentle! We think we know what menopause is... the end of monthly periods, marked with the occasional hot flash. Or so we hear... and we think we can deal with it just fine. What we don't know, and what no one tells us, is all about the debilitating symptoms of this natural rite of passage. It may start with the occasional late or missed period, or a transition from a regular cycle to one that is longer or shorter each month. It may present with a period that includes a bit of clotting... confusing at first, but acceptable. Or that monthly period may become such a nuisance, that the day-to-day business of living becomes unbelievably miserable. This is when the clots become larger, and the flooding begins. Yes, you read right. The flooding. When a pad is no longer enough, and a backup (or three) becomes an absolute necessity. When periods become endurance marathons of clots and floods that last for weeks, and exhaustion and depression start to become more and more familiar, many women reach a point of despair and wish for it all to just go away.

Ladies, there is hope. The good news is that Dr. Meadows can make it go away! There is a gynecological procedure called "endometrial ablation" that can end those heavy periods, sometimes for good.


Endometrial refers to the lining of the uterus. Ablation means to destroy or remove material from the surface of something. Therefore, endometrial ablation means to destroy and remove the lining of the uterus. At Meadows Surgical Arts, Dr. Meadows utilizes the NovaSure procedure for endometrial ablation: a quick, simple solution to heavy bleeding with no incisions and no down time. Five minutes in Dr. Meadows' office, including ninety seconds of radio frequency on the lining of your uterus, and you're good to go. Those heavy, debilitating periods are likely gone for good!

This is seriously the best surgery you've never heard of.

If you're suffering from abnormally heavy periods, call one of our offices at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford) and schedule a consultation with Dr. Meadows, and discuss your options and whether or not NovaSure endometrial ablation may be right for you. This is a great time to consider this, as this procedure is covered by most insurance companies, and by now you may have met your deductible, making the cost of this surgery virtually nil!

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