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Shaking In Their Boots

Shaking In Their Boots | Dr. Lionel Meadows | ABCS Board Certification Examiner | Meadows Surgical Arts


There’s a new wave of surgeons that are about to begin practicing in the world of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Meadows is making sure those surgeons are the best of the best.

All prospective cosmetic surgeons must meet certain requirements in education and prior board certification. Then, upon completion of a cosmetic surgery fellowship, those surgeons are required to undergo extensive examination in order to receive their board certification with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). This weekend, the ABCS is holding their board examinations in Dallas, TX, and Dr Meadows is serving as one of 24 board examiners. This rigorous, weekend-long exam requires examinees to pass both a written exam and an oral exam. The oral exam consists of twelve stations, where difficult cases are presented and the examinees are expected to evaluate, manage, and identify any critical safety interventions required. They will be critiqued on knowledge, surgical judgement, technical expertise, and ethics.

This is the third year in a row that Dr. Meadows has been selected to put these physicians to the test. He’s got them shaking in their boots (or scrubs!), which is a good thing: that means only exceptional surgeons pass these exams and are certified by the ABCS, ensuring their future patients receive the finest care possible.

Thank you, Dr. Meadows!


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