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Elizabeth Taylor. Marilyn Monroe. Jennifer Lopez. Kim Kardashian. Nicki Minaj. What do all of these ladies have in common?

All beautiful and widely-admired, these women all had gorgeous, hourglass figures. Without dieting themselves to waif-like thinness of the likes of Twiggy, each one of these women has been celebrated for her gorgeous curves.

They brought booty back.

Big butts are beautiful, and they're here to stay! And at Meadows Surgical Arts, we're thrilled to offer our patients the opportunity to showcase their backsides, with a Brazilian Butt Lift!


Simply put, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure during which your own fat from one or more areas of your body (most often the abdomen, flanks, hips, or thighs) are removed via liposuction, and transferred to your buttocks. The buttocks area is sculpted into a more aesthetically-pleasing, inverted heart-shaped mound using lipofilling of each cheek, leaving you with ample, central projection of your butt. The use of a patient's own fat, rather than an implant, ensures that the skin looks much smoother and the buttocks are firm with a natural, youthful, sensual profile.


With a Brazilian Butt Lift, which is performed at our AAAHC-accredited surgical center in Commerce, GA, you're actually getting two procedures for the price of one! Just think... the fat you want in your butt has to come from somewhere... why not one of the areas of your body that you'd like to slim and smooth? You will look more trim and slim in one area of your body, and more rounded in another. You get to choose: your curves, your way.

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