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WE Are The Lucky Ones

Dr. Lionel Meadows | Cosmetic Surgery & Gynecological Care | Meadows Surgical Arts

We get to work with him.

We know so many people who are unhappy in their chosen field, or their chosen workplace. They work for a paycheck, but very little else. The don't like the work, or they don't like their boss.

Ours is a different experience. We consider ourselves the lucky ones.

We are Meadows Surgical Arts. We love our jobs. We love our workplace, and we love the people we work with. And we absolutely love our patients! Most importantly, we consider ourselves lucky... no, blessed... to work with Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Meadows is an incredible surgeon. He has turned cosmetic surgery into an art form, blending skill with artistry to create gorgeous results for every patient. He truly cares about each patient, striving to ensure that they achieve their goals towards health and beauty. He listens, he analyzes, he prays with his patients, and then he works his surgical magic. And our patients love their results!

Dr. Meadows is a fantastic boss. He recognizes that the greatest asset to his practice are the people he surrounds himself with, and he takes care to ensure that we have the resources and training that we need to do our jobs well. We work as a team... and he leads our team beautifully, always motivating us towards being the best that we can be.

Dr. Meadows is a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, and friend. While still thinking of his patients while away from the office, he completely immerses himself in his family life. He cares deeply about those close to him, always looking for opportunities to help and support them: enriching their lives, embarking on new adventures, and creating memorable shared experiences.

Today, we'd like to say an enormous #thankyoudrmeadows, for being all that you are, and for inspiring us to be like you. We are the lucky ones, and we. are. grateful.


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