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Breast Lift

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Many women desire to enhance their figure with a surgical procedure that "lifts" their breasts.

The breast tissue loses its elasticity, which usually results from pregnancy and nursing or a large weight gain or loss. These conditions cause the amount of breast tissue to decrease, leaving a skin envelope that is too large and the remaining breast tissue to fall within the larger skin envelope. The surgical procedure known to "lift" the breasts is called a Mastopexy, or better known as a Breast Lift.

This procedure can be done on its own if your desired outcome is simply higher breasts. If you would like higher and larger breasts, we can combine this procedure with a breast augmentation using saline implants, high-profile silicone implants, or extra high-profile silicone implants. Wow. Wow. And WOW!

A Breast Lift will get you back to your more youthful shape with higher, perkier breasts!

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