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Brachioplasty, or arm lift, is a procedure that removes excess skin that hangs down from the arm. The procedure is designed to tighten the underside of your arms to give you a more toned appearance. Many people choose to have this procedure done because they have lost a vast amount of weight or just have loose skin from aging. 



When having an arm lift, general anesthesia will be administered. An incision will be made along the lower part of the arm. Liposuction of the arm can be paired with Brachioplasty, so that excess fat may be removed. The excess skin will be excised and then closed to contour the arm back to its original beauty. Patients desiring to undergo this procedure must be in good health and preferably stop smoking (if they currently smoke) 2 weeks before the procedure to reduce the healing risks.


The patient is given pain medication to minimize the pain following the surgery. The day after the surgery, the patient will be brought into the Hyberbaric Chamber to assist with the healing process and minimize scarring. The downtime associated with this procedure is approximately 2 weeks.



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