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Meadows Surgical Arts is now offering an advanced laser-assisted liposuction, called SmartLipo, that dramatically improves results and shortens patient recovery time with many patients returning to normal activities the day after their procedure. Dr. Meadows with his experience, combined with exceptional SmartLipo results, is now a national physician trainer of the procedure.

Smartlipo is especially effective when used in small, fatty pockets such as under the chin. The heat of the laser can effectively tighten the skin in the area, in addition to removing the fatty tissue, giving the effect of a surgical necklift.


Understanding the Procedure - SmartLipo of the Chin

Smartlipo is performed as an outpatient procedure, usually under general anesthesia. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Meadows will carefully mark the area to guide the procedure. Very fine cannulas are inserted through very small incisions in the skin to remove excess fat. Scarring from the procedure is usually unnoticeable and continues to fade after the procedure. The final result is a smoother area with a more rapid recovery.


Understanding the Procedure - Necklift

The loose skin under the chin and lower jaw/neck can also be surgically tightened with the excess, baggy skin being removed. Scares are very fine and hidden along natural body creases so they become unnoticeable. This can be an excellent compliment to other facial procedures, including facial implants and Smartlipo.


Understanding the Recovery

The patient wears compression garments after the procedure. These garments are removed the morning after the procedure so the patient may shower and wash and dry the garments. After showering, the garments are replaced and worn day and night for the next 48 to 72 hours. Some patients need to wear the garments for four to seven days after the surgery; however, many patients choose to wear them longer because of the comfort they provide.

Certain activities are restricted to aid healing. However, most patients are able to engage in light activity the day after surgery. Normal activity can be resumed within a week or so, but some soreness should be expected. Exposure to the sun is to be avoided during healing because it may darken the small, maturing scars.

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