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Microneedling, Vampire Facial, Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a procedure that encourages the production of collagen through tiny needle punctures in the top layers of the skin. This amazing skin rejuvenation procedure is minimally-invasive, helps minimize the signs of aging, and improves the appearance of scars.

Vampire Facial® is a procedure that improves tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue. Growth factors are isolated from the patient's blood, the face is treated with microneedling, and the growth factors are painted onto the micro-punctures to soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation. The skin tightens and glows with color, and scarring softens for a beautiful, younger, and very natural result.



During the microneedling procedure, a numbing cream is applied to your skin. A growth factor serum is then applied all over the area. The serum is needled in: microscopic needles are used to create equally microscopic “puncture wounds” in the skin, tricking your body into thinking it’s been “wounded.” This is followed by another layer of serum. Finally, a soothing mask is applied to complete the treatment. Your body’s natural healing processes will then begin to manufacture collagen to repair those punctures. The results are impressive: thicker, smoother, younger-looking, more radiant skin! Microneedling can be done anywhere on your body where you may wish to have thicker skin or minimal scarring. 


Anyone who is looking for thicker, smoother skin would be a great candidate for microneedling treatments! Those who have thin skin, wrinkles or fine lines, bumps on their skin, acne scars, scarring from injuries, or stretch marks, or those who would like to reduce pore size, will benefit greatly from this procedure. Because there is no heat involved, microneedling is safe for all skin types and all skin colors. Some of our patients are even using it as a preemptive strike against the aging process.


There is no downtime with microneedling. Because of the effects of the numbing cream, you will experience little to no pain during the treatment. Afterwards, your skin will be a little pink, but that will disappear within a day. Ideally, you would want to avoid applying makeup for the rest of the day, but may apply it that evening if you’ve planned a night out. We recommend the application of growth factor serum (available for purchase in our office) that night, the next morning, and each following night, for as long as the serum supply lasts.


Are you ready for smooth, radiant skin? Call one of our offices at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford) to schedule your appointment, or purchase your microneedling treatment online here, and we’ll call you!


Microneedlin, Meadows Surgical Arts
Vampire Facial, Microneedling, Meadows Surgical Arts
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