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Dead skin. That's the last thing you want on your face.

We all want radiant, glowing skin... but dead skin cells lingering on your face will make your skin look dull and flaky, possibly clogging pores and causing breakouts. Dermaplaning is a fantastic mechanical exfoliation solution performed with a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the skin, getting rid of those dead skin cells and microscopic hairs, revealing glowing skin just waiting beneath. Makeup goes on more smoothly, and you feel confident knowing your skin and face look alive.

Suitable for all skin types, with minimal to no downtime. SPF protection from the sun afterwards is a must to avoid hyperpigmentation (young, glowing skin is very sensitive to the sun after this treatment!).

SHOP ONLINE WITH CONFIDENCE! The performance of any treatment or procedure provided by Meadows Surgical Arts is at the sole discretion of our medical staff. If you are not an appropriate candidate for a procedure you have purchased, the purchase amount may be applied to another procedure, treatment or product that is available in our online store or in our office, or may be refunded.

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