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Many women desire to enhance their figure with a surgical procedure that "lifts" their breasts. The breast tissue loses its elasticity, which usually results from pregnancy and nursing or a large weight gain or loss. These conditions cause the amount of breast tissue to decrease, leaving a skin envelope that is too large and causing the remaining breast tissue to fall within the larger skin envelope. The surgical procedure known to "lift" the breasts is a Mastopexy, better known as a Breast Lift. This procedure will be sure to get you back to your more youthful shape or gain the figure you've always wanted. If you're considering a Breast Lift, we can provide you with specific information on how we would proceed based on your individual situation during a complimentary consultation.


At Meadows Surgical Arts, breast surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and is performed at our AAAHC-accredited surgical facility. Prior to surgery, your breasts are carefully marked to indicate where incisions are to be made. The placement of these incisions depends upon the type of breast surgery that is being performed as well as the technique that will achieve the best result. Every effort is made to reduce the length of scars and to make them as inconspicuous as possible.



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