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Breasts and buttocks are synonymous in that they come in all shapes and sizes. As we age, some buttocks grow larger, and some smaller and flatter as fat is either lost or repositioned. The skin envelope can also become stretched and sag. Any of these changes can make us feel less attractive and desirable. Attempts at enhancement of this region of our body have been slow in development. However, with the advent of liposuction, a lot can be done to reduce a large bottom and/or enlarge a small one by transferring fat from one body area to the buttocks. If loose skin is the issue, it can be tightened and/or filled with your fat and/or a silastic implant.



Butt lift surgery is performed in several ways. When weight gain in the buttocks is the issue, liposuction is the best recommendation for its reduction. If too much fat is removed, it can produce flatness. Consequently, the goal is to sculpt this area into a more aesthetically pleasing mound leaving good, central projection. Occasionally, fat is removed off the lateral thigh to produce a subtle curve to the lateral buttock silhouette. All in all, the goal is to produce what your buttocks once were before weight gain became an issue. Good skin integrity is necessary for the best results.


For a buttock that is too small, the buttock augmentation we recommend is lipo-filling of each cheek mound. This type of butt lift is known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, even though lifting is not necessarily a part of this procedure. Only patients with enough fat on their body to harvest and place into the buttock area qualify for this surgical procedure. This is basically two procedures in one because fat is taken from one or more sites, prepared, and then inserted into the buttocks to produce a more aesthetically full bottom. Although fat can atrophy, most patients keep their fullness for a long time, if not indefinitely.


The last surgical procedure to be discussed concerning buttock enhancement has to do with the tightening of the loose skin of the bottom. If the patient has a loose, saggy buttock without a lot of tone, then a buttock lift is indicated with or without filling with an implant and/or fat. The incision for such a lift is placed at the juncture of the back and the upper buttock region. This technique not only removes loose skin but lifts the underlying soft tissue to make the central mound of the bottom look more round and projected than flat and deflated. 

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