Youth, Revisited

Youth, Revisited | Voluma Injectable Filler for Cheeks | Meadows Surgical Arts

In the bliss of youth, and the busyness of our twenties and thirties, we don't pay much attention to the gradual passage of time and how it reveals itself on our bodies. We're too busy living life... and that's as it should be. However, there comes a time when it suddenly dawns on us that we really have no idea how our bodies will change. Our first clue might be the first wrinkle, or the first gray hair... no matter what that first harbinger of age is, it's bound to be a surprise.

Wrinkles and gray hair are the obvious signs of a life well-lived. Less obvious to most of us, and perhaps more surprising, is age-related volume loss in the midface area, a result of a gradual loss of bone mass and muscle atrophy. This can change the underlying structure of the face, making the face look as though it has somewhat collapsed. Rather than the strong or prominent cheekbones of youth, the face may appear to look flat, with little definition or the appearance of no cheekbones, and with sagging skin. For women, this change can appear faster than it