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Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is chosen by many men and women to correct bags and bulges around the eyes as well as drooping eyelids.

People of all ages have eyelid surgery. Younger patients often have the surgery because of an inherited condition, in which fat cushions of the eye push forward, causing a bulging appearance. Older patients generally have eye surgery to reduce these bulges, as well as the sagging of the eyelid skin. Droopy eyelids can make a person look older and, in some cases, impair vision. Eyelid surgery results in a refreshed appearance, with a more youthful eye area.

Price listed reflects blepharoplasty for upper OR lower Blepharoplasty only; for combined surgery pricing, contact our office or schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Meadows.

NOTE: Purchase of this surgical procedure does not constitute a physician/patient relationship; that is established at the consultation/pre-op appointment. Benefits of purchasing online are a) locking in the price (for those who pay with a downpayment or in full); and b) a combined consultation/pre-op appointment (no longer 2 separate appointments, so you save time). When your payment has been received by Meadows Surgical Arts, you will be contacted to set up your consult/pre-op appointment, and your surgery appointment. If you have paid a 10% downpayment on your surgery online, this does not represent a discount off the price of the surgery (although it may appear as a "sale price"); the remainder is due at your pre-op appointment.

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