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The Surgical Hope Foundation

The funny thing about life changing experiences that happen in our lives is that we never really see them coming.

A few years ago a woman attended an event hosted by Meadows Surgical Arts. Prior to the event, the woman had been experiencing pain in her breasts from two cosmetic surgeries that she had recently undergone. With the event being a cosmetic surgeon's party, she was, obviously, very hesitant to go, but her friends insisted that she tag along. Little did she know, this night would change her life forever.

After building up the courage to introduce herself and explain her current situation, she approached Dr. Meadows and was greeted with the upmost professionalism and compassion. She thoroughly explained what procedures she had undergone and the complication that she was experiencing because of them. It was determined that she had Nipple Necrosis and another surgery would be required to fix it. Dr. Meadows assured her that he would do his very best to fix what the original surgeon had not.

However, she informed him that she could not afford another surgery, no matter how badly she needed it. She left the party feeling completely hopeless.

Three days later, she received a phone call from Dr. Meadows, telling her that he would do the surgery and all costs would be covered by the Surgical Hope Foundation. She was completely shocked and overjoyed. She knew right there, that the phone call she had just received was a gift from God.

Not only did Dr. Meadows do an incredible job on the surgery, he willingly performed it at no charge. Dr. Meadows forever changed her life, as well as her view on cosmetic surgeons. This woman was the recipient of the incredible care-taking, generosity, and compassion that comes with being under Dr. Meadow's care.

Dr. Meadows did, indeed, correct the Nipple Necrosis that had greatly impaired the patient. She now has a beautiful result and is completely pain free.

As a practice, we go out of our way to inform each and every patient that comes through our doors that complications can occur during and post surgery. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery. Dr. Meadows is an expert in the field of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. He gets excellent results and makes it his number one priority to give each and every patient his very best care.

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