Medical Weight Loss: First Steps

It's a new year, and time for a new you! When the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, many people kiss a loved one and vow to change in the new year. And the number one resolution in America? To lose weight. No matter what their reason for having put on a pound or two (or twenty), they have a strong desire to get back to what they consider their ideal weight. And so they start... some with diets, some with exercise, and some with a combination of the two. But by the end of January, almost half have given up.

Weight loss can be somewhat of a challenge. Whether plagued by physical restrictions, lack of continued motivation, diet fatigue, small or nonexistent results, or a feeling of hopelessness, many people become discouraged. They toss in the towel and go back to their old habits, and the ideal weight or body that they hoped for remains elusive.

Dr. Meadows and his team at Meadows Surgical Arts can help.

Dr. Meadows' medical weight loss program was designed to help kick start your weight loss journey, to give you that boost that you need to start, and to continue past those first few weeks. His plan focuses on a combination of appetite suppressants, healthy eating, exercise, increased water intake, and an optional lipo injection to burn fat, boost metabolism, and increase energy.

Remember Braley? We introduced you to Braley on New Year's Eve. She lost 105+ lbs. in the last year and a half using Dr. Meadows' medical weight loss plan, and her transformation is incredible! Braley is excited about her progress and would love the opportunity to inspire others to start their own weight loss journey. We asked Braley about the beginning stages of her weight loss journey. If you would like to lose weight, we think you may find some similarities between Braley's story and your own:

Was your weight gain a relatively recent thing, or were you heavier when you were younger?

I have been heavy all my life. I don't even remember being a small person.

Did you try dieting and/or exercise before? Did it work?

I had tried dieting and exercising on my own, but just really never had the willpower or the energy to keep going. So every time I would start, it didn't last long.

What made you want to get serious about losing weight this time? Like the tipping point that said, "This is it, it's time."