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Medical Weight Loss: The Journey

We want to encourage you in your weight loss journey, and we thought it might be helpful for you to hear from a real patient, with real results. We introduced you to Braley on New Year's Eve, when she revealed her incredible 105+ lb. weight loss! Then we shared Braley's thoughts as she embarked on the beginning stages of her weight loss journey using Dr. Meadows medical weight loss program. Now, we'd like to share with you some of her thoughts about the journey itself:

What elements of the medical weight loss program did you embrace? Did you utilize just the appetite suppressant pills, or did you include the optional lipo shots?

When I first started, I just took the pills, and then Caitlin (one of Dr. Meadows' nurses) mentioned the lipo shots. I got them for awhile, too. The shots definitely helped if I needed an extra 'pick me up'! I still get them whenever I go in to the Meadows Surgical Arts office.

How did the appetite suppressants make you feel? Any side effects?

The pills definitely have side effects, and I'm sure everyone is different, but the side effects weren't enough to make me want to stop! I noticed I was somewhat short-tempered, and people would sometimes bring that to my attention and say, "You need to stop taking those pills, they are making you different." My answer to this was, "Yes, the pills are making me different; I'm trying to change for the better, and if anyone can't handle that, they can stay away from me or deal with it, because I'm becoming a new me!" They also caused extreme thirst, but that's good because you need to drinks lots of water.

Did you diet/exercise as well? If so, did you do it from the beginning?

I do diet and exercise. Still! Except I don't call it dieting, it's just a way of life now, and I exercise almost daily. No, I didn't do it from the beginning. The first month on the program, I just took the appetite suppressants, and I lost 18 lbs. I was on cloud nine because that was the easiest weight I had ever lost! I didn't do anything different. All I did was take a pill. About halfway into my second month, I hadn't lost another pound. I got so mad, I called Caitlin at Meadows Surgical Arts, freaking out. Her words to me were, "Now it's your time to change; the pill has done all it's going to do on its own." So the next day, I started exercising and watching what I ate, and drinking tons of water. From that moment on, the weight started falling off.

What was your routine once you added diet and exercise?

In the beginning, I would wake up every morning, take my pill, drink an energy drink, eat a tablespoon of peanut butter, and get on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes. Then I would eat an apple, and get ready to start my day. I cut out all fried foods, potatoes, rice, processed foods, breads, and sauces. I would also watch my portions. Through this process, I've learned that it's all about portion control. At first I would crave sweets, but not eat them. Now if I crave something sweet, I'll eat a small portion in order to satisfy that craving, and then work a little harder at the gym that day.

What does your routine look like now?

I go to the gym almost every day. I watch what I eat, but not to the same extent as when I started. I drink water galore!

How often did you go to Meadows Surgical Arts?

I would mainly go to Meadows Surgical Arts monthly for my weigh in and to have my prescription refilled, but I would sometimes go weekly to get the lipo shots.

Have you hit your goal weight now?

I hit my original goal, and now I'm working on my new goal!

Are you interested in weight loss, and inspired by Braley's story? We want to help you in your weight loss journey, to help you succeed in finding yourself again, in returning to that body you used to have, or the body you've always wanted.

Here's how Dr. Meadows' medical weight loss plan works:

  • Make an appointment for your weight loss consultation at either the Commerce office at (706) 335-3555 or the Buford office at (678) 541-0339.

  • At your consultation, you will be weighed (as hard as it is to get on that scale, it's time to face reality and find your starting point) and asked about your height.

  • You will be taken to one of the consultation rooms, where your heart rate and blood pressure will be checked.

  • You will talk with one of Dr. Meadows' trained weight loss professionals about your weight loss goals and how you can achieve them. They will design a program for you to maximize your progress while encouraging weight loss that stays off.

  • You will be given a "Weight Loss Packet" that outlines the details of your program, including recommendations for diet, exercise, checkups, and water intake. The packet also includes information about the medication prescribed for you to help you reach your goals.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

  • Monthly checkups are required to check your weight, check your blood pressure, discuss side effects, and set new goals.

We're here to support you through your weight loss journey. It's your time... are you ready?

Call us today at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford), or purchase your starter package online, and let's get started!

UPDATE: Click here to read more about Braley and her fantastic results!


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