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A More Intimate Mommy Makeover

A More Intimate Mommy Makeover | Labiaplasty | Vaginoplasty | Meadows Surgical Arts

When we think about the concept of a "Mommy Makeover," we most often think about taking care of those most obvious physical signs of motherhood and putting things back where they used to be: a breast augmentation for sagging breasts, a tummy tuck for that loose post-pregnancy skin on the belly, and perhaps a bit of liposuction to smooth those curves to where they used to be. There are other procedures that could go hand-in-hand with a mommy makeover that are not as frequently mentioned: labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.


Labiaplasty is the aesthetic surgical enhancement of one or more of the structures of the human vulva. That's your lady business. Most people are highly embarrassed to talk about such intimate issues, and some may not even know the names of the different structures that make up the human vulva. Just so we’re all on the same page, here are some basic definitions:

  • The mons pubis is the rounded area of fatty tissue over the join of the pubic bones: the area generally covered in pubic hair when the body is viewed from the front. The size of this area is directly related to levels of hormones and body fat.

  • The mons pubis leads into the labia majora, also known as the "outer lips" of the vulva, the thicker folds on each side of the genital area.

  • The labia minora, the “inner lips,” are comprised of the two flaps on each side of the vaginal opening.

  • The clitoral hood is the area of skin that covers the clitoris.

  • The introitis is the opening of the vagina, which is stretched during childbirth and may remain exposed.

  • The perineum is generally referred to as the area between the openings of the vagina and anus. This is the area that may tear (or be cut in an episiotomy) during childbirth.

Some women may be unhappy with how this area looks or feels, and may not know that there is a solution. The size, color, and shape of one’s lady business (the “vulval” area) can vary tremendously; unevenness may occur from birth, and the vulval structures may change due to trauma, childbirth, or aging. Some women may experience physical discomfort, while others are simply unhappy with how things look down there. You know your body best, and if you’re unhappy with the appearance, size, or color of these areas, you probably know exactly what you’d like taken care of. Dr. Meadows’ solution is Labiaplasty, a blanket term that covers the repair and aesthetic enhancement of any or all of these vulval structures using surgical or laser technology. While Dr. Meadows can design almost anything in this regard, the most common requests he receives are:

  • reduction of the size and thickness of the labia majora - restoring a more youthful look to large, protruding, or sagging outer lips due to childbirth, weight gain, weight loss, or aging;

  • labia minora reduction - our most requested procedure, labia minora reduction is the sculpturing of elongated or uneven inner lips;

  • removal of hyperpigmented (darker) ends or tips of the labia minora;

  • clitoral hood reduction - reduction of the skin on the sides of the clitoris, allowing the skin to drape neatly over the clitoris;

  • laser perineoplasty to rejuvenate the relaxed or aging vaginal opening (introitis), labia majora and minora, and the perineum;

  • laser repair of areas injured due to trauma or childbirth;

  • fat transfer to the labia majora to beautifully enhance this area; and

  • “vulvar liposculpturing” to remove fatty deposits in the mons pubis and labia majora areas.


Vaginoplasty addresses issues inside the vagina, restoring optimal structure to the vagina. It enhances the vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control by decreasing the diameter of the vagina (tightening) and strengthening the area immediately outside the vagina. This will ultimately increase friction during sexual intercourse, allowing for greater sexual gratification. This tightening through Vaginoplasty will also address incontinence issues associated with coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or sex. This procedure can be done either surgically, or through the use of laser technology.

Our mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives. We encourage our patients to participate in their healthcare and surgical design, and our female patients have told us that they want to be "like they were when they were younger," or "before they had children." Labiaplasty and/or Vaginoplasty procedures will do just that.


If you’re not happy with what’s going on with your lady business, and you're ready to enjoy some private sculpting and/or vaginal tightening, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Meadows and discuss the various options available to you.

Call us today to schedule your consultation at (706) 335-3555 (Commerce) or (678) 541-0339 (Buford), or purchase these procedures online!


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